Monday, September 12, 2016

Bean Leaf Beetle: Backyard Biodiversity Project Species #7

While it may seem hard to believe, each one of these beetles is a member of the species Ceretoma trifurcata. While highly variable in color and pattern, the characteristic to look for in this species is the triangular shaped patch on the abdomen just behind the thorax.  I photographed these three beetles in my front yard, all within a area no bigger than 100 square feet.  In the plant world, flower color doesn't mean much; apparently that holds true to at least some species of beetles as well.
As I dig in deeper to this project, I'm finding more biodiversity in my yard than I could have ever expected.



  1. So cool, Tom! Who would have guessed it? Keep up the hunt--and the great images, too.

    1. Thanks Scott! More are coming.. Working on such a diverse group like the insects has really posed a challenge to me, and that's why I'm liking it. It takes more work, but I'm exercising natural history brain power that's been laying dormant for some time.