Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mexican Gray Wolf

Mexican Gray Wolf - Columbus Zoo & Aquarium - Powell, Ohio

I was scrolling through my lightroom catalog, browsing for images of State Nature Preserves to keyword properly (for the day job) and this photo of the Mexican gray wolf subspecies caught my eye.  The RAW file was flat as flat could be, due to a smudged and dingy piece of glass that I was shooting through. But I thought the pose was just too good to let it sit on my hard drive.

From my brief bit of research on this subspecies- they were exterminated in the wild, and today, are extremely rare after reintroductions via captive breeding programs.  I typically focus my writings on bugs and birds- things that still exist in a landscape long after people arrive- but wolves are one of those things that would have been roaming the forests of Worthington several centuries earlier. Now, the closest I can get to one is the Mexican subspecies at our local zoo.



  1. We have not seen any wolves around here but we do, sometimes, see a coyote running down the street. It is a rare sight but I am always glad they are still around. We also live close to Sycamore State Park, I think it is that name, and it has a lot of favorable cover for all sorts of wildlife.

  2. I like taking pictures of wolves because they are nice to look at even though they are preditors in their own right.