Monday, October 07, 2013


Last week I had the opportunity to attend the National Natural Areas Conference in Chicago.  I'd never been to the "windy city".  In fact, I never really understood what the hype was really all about.  Now I get it. Chicago is a fantastic world-class city.  Here are a few images that I snapped during my stay.



  1. Tom: The second image makes Chicago look like Kabul or some post-Soviet eastern European capital. Not the city's best face.

    1. HI Scott- the afternoon was really hazy- and the smoke from the chocolate factory was also wafting across the scene. I wonder if I went back and re-processed, things might look less dingy. I used the ipad to create all these images, and it is sometimes easier to push things too far compared to my normal look. That part of the city was on "the other" side of the river, the side we were warned not to cross. Yes, there were a few new skyscraper condominiums on that side of town, but overall, the scene across the landscape looked old and worn.