Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welcome the Gray

Fall is over- the only leaves that remain green are on the non-native bush honeysuckles. The landscape is devoid of color, but with the leaves gone, the underlying structure, patterns, and lines are revealed.



  1. You are right about seeing more structe and patterns in the winter. It's quite a contrast.

  2. You're playing on my love of pen and ink. This shot has got my creative juices flowing. Nice one Tom.

  3. It really is- By March, I'll be sick of this landscape, but now it's new and fresh. Living in a place that has distinctive seasons is really quite nice for landscape and nature photography.

    Thanks Butch- The lack of color really lends itself towards black and white, and I'm processing these images with a really high contrast filter on my eye-phone. I really need to break out a drawing pencil and paper and get back into the game. I can see that you are on a roll!