Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Puerto Rican Vireo

Just seconds after finding the Puerto Rican Tody, Megan and I spotted our second endemic bird, this true vireo that only lives in Puerto Rico.  An inquisitive individual wanted to see what exactly we were doing with our cameras.  This bird isn't quite as colorful or shocking as the Tody, but it was amazing to spot another endemic bird species literally seconds after we saw our first.  And yet mere seconds later, we saw our third endemic species, Adelaide's warbler, which I'll show tomorrow.  Birds of Guanica State Forest, I hear you calling us, hopefully we'll be back next year too. 



  1. great shot. PR is a great spot to go birding. glad you are seeing great birds


  2. It really is. So many interesting habitats so close together, just a really cool place!