Sunday, March 21, 2010


This past Thursday I spoke to a small but dedicated group of nature photographers at the downtown Grange Insurance Audubon Center.  Although most nature centers are constructed, well, in natural areas, the Grange Insurance center is quite an undertaking of ecological restoration.  The site was formerly a complex of warehouses and parking lots, but now has been transformed into a large field with native plantings and a newly constructed wetland.  I wasn't expecting to see much nature at the center, but I did go down a little bit early with my telephoto lens just in case.  Since I had last been to the center, a boardwalk traversing the new wetland had been constructed.  As I approached the water, a flushed three killdeer, but I hope that they would return.  After getting a few shots of the dozen or so Canada geese, this killdeer did fly back to the water's edge, and I managed to get a few shots.  So often I associate killdeers with weedy parking lots and junky habitats, it was to to photograph this bird along a shore.


  1. A killdeer drove me crazy some years ago. I worked 12 hour shifts at a factory where one was nesting & it just would NOT shut up. For 12 straight hours, I got to listen to "KILL deer, KILL deer, KILL deer!" I've lost a lot of respect for them since then.

  2. Funny. At my old apartment, back when I was single, there was a large field that was being turned into a condo complex. Fortunately I didn't have to spend twelve hours of their constant chatter.