Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Those Dam building Beavers


Yesterday, Megan and I cleared a beaver dam that was blocking the outlet of little pond. Too much water, and the bog can get flooded. It really doesn't surprise me, but after canoeing back there this morning, the beavers had not only rebuilt the dam, but they have made it both taller and wider.

The beavers in charge of this dam most likely live in this lodge. Although its been active for several years, every time I visit Little Pond, it seems as if they have piled more mud and sticks onto the mass. It really is huge!

This evening we will head back to Ohio, but we had a wonderful time here in Maine. I recommend this state to anyone thinking about heading north for vacation, you won't be dissapointed.

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  1. Nice of you to do all that work and give the beavers something to do ....to undo your work :-)

  2. Anytime Man goes up against the Higher Animals, you know who's going to win! :o)

  3. ...that they made it both taller and wider in an evening is amazing. I guess they wanted to show you they mean business! :-)

  4. Mary- Yes...Well we undid their work before they undid our work. I'm getting confused.

    Jain- Yep, we lost.

    Kelly- Yes, they did, they do mean business, and I think the pond will certainly be high this year.

    Inn and Spa- Wow, that sounds really good right now. I could use an Inn and Spa- lots of driving, lots of fieldwork!