Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Alvars and Lakeside Daisy

I've been surveying the Alvars, an extremely rare habitat type here in Ohio, for the Lakeside Daisy. Here's a rundown of this incredible habitat. An alvar is a very shallow soil system over limestone, dominated by red cedar and containing all kinds of extremely rare plants. In North America, Alvar communities are only know from a handful of locations near the Great Lakes shores of the U.S. and Canada.

Fossils from the Columbus Limestone, which is the top layer of limestone in the pictures above.


  1. Wow, those fossils are AMAZING! I hope you have more photos to share!

  2. thank you, tom, so much for introducing me to alvars.

    i am an ecologist in florida that goes caving in TAG (Tn-Al-Ga) occasionally. tag's hills have limestone balds that appear to be similar to the description in wikipedia of alvars.

    i have not seen anything like that in florida, altho in many places the habitats are somewhat similar, but not really.

    clearly, i need to research alvars further. for example, i need to find out what they are called in tag, and why they are not called alvars.

    so much to learn - so little time. ain't it grand?!

  3. Thanks Heather, nope, those are pretty much it for the Alvar system. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

    Florida- Interesting, check out alvars, and I'll check out TAG systems. Yes, this is a teaser post, I'm glad that I was able to get your interesting. So much to learn is absolutely right.