Friday, December 26, 2008

Wet Junco

Christmas Eve, 2008


  1. Hi Tom,
    I like your wet Junco photo. I have seen several Juncos here after I got home from the hospital. They were on the ground eating some spilled sunflower chips and pieces.

  2. Hi Tom,

    Our Jucos are starting to get a little soggy around here too. The snow is beginning its shift and changing into rain, so our snowy world that we have been accumulating recently is beginning to turn to slush. I look forward to seeing more from your world in Ohio then. Happy New Year.

  3. Thanks Abe- I'm really starting to get to know Juncos. They seem to be the most common bird in our yard.

    Bernie- Thanks for stopping by and commenting. We've had a wet, relatively snow free winter so far here in Central Ohio.


  4. Beautiful junco shot, Tom. Aren't they precious!!! I'm worried about the little birds too with the nasty winter we're having. Would invite them all into the house if I could. We have a snow/rain mix blizzard on the way and the poor bird feathers will get so wet.

    I have learned to use the Canon Rebel XTi in the creative mode and have been happy with the landscape photos. I had to go off auto. LOL That took bravery. :D

    Happy Holidays and SUPER congrats for your expanding family. :D

    Cheers! JJ

  5. I see Jeff was logged in. Sorry about that.

    Cheers, JJ