Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Flower Revealed as Camassia scilloides

With her keen eye, Nina of Nature Remains correctly identified the mystery mother's day flower. She gets the unofficial Ohio Nature Blog "Botanist of the Day" award. Here are a few more images of this plant using both artificial and natural light. I'm curious to see if our northeastern friends and nature bloggers this plant up their way, I've only become familiar with it after moving to central Ohio. It is quite a plant, it seems to grow in colonies, making it a great subject for landscape photography!


  1. Those are gorgeous. I've never seen them before.

  2. Beautiful, Tom. I saw them for the first time yesterday at Stratford Ecological Center - a privately-owned nature preserve. Amazing spring wildflowers there this year! I can't believe I got paid to spend the day there today!

  3. Mary and Kathleen-

    Thanks a bunch, they are really nice flowers.

    This year here in Columbus was a fantastic year for wildflowers. The weather gradually warmed allowing a fantastic display with very few frosts. Last year, that cold snap at the end of March really did everything in. I'd say there were probably 5-10 times more blooms from a variety of in Kenney Park then there were last year.