Monday, May 12, 2008

Boy this Makes me Mad! Blog Scraping by Imran Yousaf

This is to give you something interesting and relaxing to look at before you read my rant.

Mr Imram Yousaf from Pakistan has stolen my blog content and reposted it at his blog.

I hate to send any traffic his way, but just be aware, this can happen to you. I found this stuff when I was searching for my blog in google. This guy really makes me sick. Check out my content on his blog:

(I have removed the link based on Jonathan's advice.)

This post even has copyright information on my photos.

And beware, don't click on his other links that don't sound like they are about Ohio Nature. He's got plenty of adult images there. How that content matches up with my blog content- I will never know.

I've sent Mr. Yousef a cease and desist e-mail, and I would very much appreciate if others would also write Mr. Yousef and tell him what you think of this objectionable practice.

His e-mail addresses are:


Thanks to all, and this is just a way to let you know that this can happen to any of us bloggers. I've used Copyscape in the past to prevent this sort of stuff, but this time, Copyscape didn't pick up this site, I just stumbled into it.

Thanks everyone,

A very irate Tom

At least I must have good content if somebody else steals it, right?


  1. Angry email dispatched.

    "How that content matches up with my blog content- I will never know." Beautiful things from nature?

    I am deeply concerned that he may not be the copyright holder of those Angelina Jolie images either.

  2. It's a good thing you found it! I too have no idea what the birds and the babes have in common. That's just wrong!

  3. That's really infuriating! I'll send him an e-mail as well. James has volunteered to personally look through all the Angelina Jolie images to see if any more of your content might be there.

  4. I "flagged" his blog, for whatever good that might do. You might also want to contact Blogger about this.

  5. I found this info about how to deal with this kind of thing.

  6. That is so wrong. I'm sorry that you are the victim of this. It really makes no sense for him to post all your posts in the middle of his other junk??? Why would someone looking for "babes" want to look at Ohio birds and hear about you and Megan going places???

  7. Tom: Sorry that this happened to you.
    I am more concerned today with this beautiful picture you took. It is so well done. Great job Tom.

  8. Good grief! This is my first time at your very lovely blog, and yes, you have wonderful stuff here, but isn't it a shame that there always seems to be someone who can try to ruin things. I"ll send an email, but probably wrath won't bother him - any attention at all is likely to make him happy.
    Your flowers from the previous post are so lovely.


    That may be helpful. Lot of legalese there.

  10. Sadly I think you are just being used as the vehicle to some other scam that Yosef has got cooked up already. Somebody searches "Ohio Nature" and lands on his blog, and then, once duly entranced by YOUR photos, they can click on all his handy dandy adult links, for which he probably gets paid per click. How else would folks accidentally end up on his worthless page?

  11. I hope you keep us posted on this. I would like to think that Blogger would ax this guy's site for stealing from others....since you have your copyrite on the photos for all to see.

  12. My husband tried to post a comment when this entry went up, but blogger ate it. There is no real Imran Yousaf, you might know that by now. It's a fake blog, with a fake email address. Blogspot is free, so people set up fake blogs with google ads running on it, and then they use RSS or whatever to get content from other people. They get good content that will ping googler's search terms and thus bring in more ad revenue. They set up hundreds of these blogs and can rake in some serious cash from google adwords.

    Sure it's infuriating, but there's no REAL person for you to be mad at, a bot stole your stuff, that bot can't differentiate between birds and porn, it just randomly got your stuff b/c you're on blogspot too.

    Jose said it much more eloquently, but I don't know where his comment went.

  13. Beth-

    Thanks, I certainly understand blogger eating comments, it has happened to me as well.

    Imran Yousaf has several profiles and different pictures of the same person at several different social blogging/networking sites which led m e to believe he is a real person, perhaps using a bot to go out and scrape numerous blogs. Anyways, I definitely think the e-mail addresses are probably bogus. I thought he would respond to at least one request. The last time I found my content scraped, I e-mailed the culprit, and he actually removed my content. Nothing so far which definitely backs up the bot theory.

    I'll keep you updated. I'm going to write a letter to google explaining the situation, but I think this runs rampant.

    Thanks again,


  14. First off, I am very sorry to hear that this has happened to you and understand well the frustration.

    However, I have to first ask you to please not link to the site. It appears to be a spam blog, meaning that it is automatically generated from other's content, and by linking to them you are helping them.

    The commenter that mentioned Google's DMCA policy is well on the right track. I would encourage you to file a DMCA notice with them. If you need them, I have stock letters on my site that can help you.

    Also, I know a way to get Google to accept email notices but I don't want to post the address publicly out of respect, if you'll drop me a line I'll go over the procedure.

    This matter can easily be resolved, Google is actually pretty good at removing these sites when they get the formalities they want.

    Also, I'm here to help in any way that I can. Just let me know what I can do to assist.

    No matter what, best of luck with this.