Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Side Note- Ohio State Football

Permit me, for a morning, to share some photos of Ohio State Football. I like the buckeyes, I will owe plenty to Ohio State University (my wife is completing her PhD there), but I am not a die hard fan. I do root for them, and we go to the games, and most everyone in Columbus is happier when the Buckeyes are winning.

Yesterday, we witnessed the demolition of Northwestern by Ohio State. I felt like I was watching my alma mater, Hiram College, play perennial division III national champions Mt. Union. But no, this was the Big Ten, and Ohio State was really putting up everything they had against Northwestern.

After looking at some of these pictures I took during the game, I really have a new appreciation for the quarterbacks that play at any level of college football. Even though Todd Boeckman had a great game, he was able to release the ball just in time before one thousand pounds plus of college football player hurled into him. These guys push, grab, jump, dive, and do anything to get to the quarterback, and for that person to be able to stand in there, take a few steps forward, and with all their might deliver the ball downfield, is nothing short of amazing.




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