Sunday, September 16, 2007

Images from the Olentangy

Although my favorite photographic target, dragonflies and damselflies, seems to be diminishing down on the river as the temperatures drop, there are still plenty of interesting subjects to photograph.

Right now Jerusalem artichoke is in full bloom. This plant seems to like floodplains, and I have observed it at Whetsone Park and Kenney Park here in Columbus. It is a beautiful native sunflower in the genus Helianthus.


As fall approaches and cool air moves south into Ohio, the light cast upon everything along the Olentangy is very rich, clear, and crisp. I was mesmerized by the direct afternoon light bouncing off a pool and reflecting back up and rippling on this dead tree.


Last evening, around 6:00, I startled this great blue heron. The heron watched me just long enough to get out the camera, focus, and fire a few shots.


Finally, the leaves of a silver maple. If you've ever wondered why silver maple was given this moniker, just look at the undersides of their leaves. These were particually silvery, as the were receiving light bounced off the Olentangy River.

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