Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Olentangy

This evening I made it down to the Olentangy River to see how it was doing. Would it overflow its banks? We haven't had as much rain as northwestern Ohio, and a dam above Delaware, Ohio, help store some of the floodwaters above Columbus, but I was still pretty surprised to see just how full the Olentangy was. In July, some parts of the river were only one to two inches deep, and now, these intense August floods.

I normally walk in an amongst these trees. Now, their roots are getting a nice summer bath.


Blue fronted dancers didn't have their usual driftwood and rocky perches. They made due with mud and other plants on the stream terrace.


Aphids seemed to be attacking quite a few cut-leaved coneflower plants.


I typically can wade in the river here, to the left of the tree line in the picture below. To the right of the tree line is typically terra firma. Tonight, I could have gone on a wild kayak ride.


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  1. I used to live in a small cottage about 30 yards from the Olengangy about a mile north of I-70 in Worthington. We were flooded once back in about 1993 or 94, do you know if flooding has occured during the recent rains that flooded other parts of Ohio?
    Malcolm Read (
    Newport Beach, CA

  2. Malcom,

    The Olentangy did not overflow its banks here in Columbus. The water was at its peak when I took these shots, and the river was still confined to the floodway. It wasn't up into the one hundred year floodplain.