Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to Maine and the Crooked River

Megan's parents live about one mile from the crooked river in western Maine. We drove to a rest area adjacent to the stream and walked south from the parking area.

Here I saw a "life" dragonfly, what I think is the fawn darner, or Boyeria vinosa. I kept seeing them buzz around rocks in the stream, but finally, we almost ran into one perching along the banks. I captured a few shots before it flew off.


After realizing these creature were pretty predictable in their flight patterns, I sat on a big rock and waited for a dragon to approach. I was seated about 10 feet away from a emerged log, and each time a dragon would approach, they would would travel up and down the log. I thought to myself, surely I can get a picture of this dragon in flight, right? About fifty or so shots later and a lot of frustration, I was able to capture one image. Here it is.


The crooked river was awesome. Clean air, cool water, gentle breeze. Here Megan takes it all in.


And how authentic Maine is this. A real live fly fisher person. I didn't see him catch anything, but it sure looks fun. Check out the lush ferns growing on the opposite bank.


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