Monday, February 01, 2016

I'm Back from Rainy Florida

Tamiami Trail, near Copeland, Florida

I spent five days last week exploring southwest Florida. Unlike most Florida January weeks, I experienced quite the deluge, with over four inches of rain in a 48 a period.  I managed to make most of my time that it wasn't raining, photographing many species of birds.  Highlights included closeup encounters with a short-tailed hawk, reddish egret, an American flamingo, and several species of shorebirds.  I'll be sharing my images of the trip over the foreseeable future.  I photographed many species of birds, and saw many others.  Southwest Florida gives me a jolt of energy just when I need it through the long, gray, Ohio winters.



  1. Waiting to see your pics.
    Sorry the weather was crummy, I'll be there in two weeks.

    1. Well Chris, hopefully the rain has stopped!