Sunday, January 03, 2016

New Purpose; At Least for Now

So, I know I wrote the post-mortem for this space, but maybe there's a little heart beat left.  After writing that post-mortem, I decided to systematically organize every natural history image I've photographed at my Smugmug website -  Doing that has made me aware of species that I have yet to photograph.  And what did I decide I would do about that?  Well, photograph them!  And instead of just adding them to the gallery on Smugmug, why not share them here as well?

Today I went to Alum Creek to look for the eared grebe, and struck out.  A trip to the Oxbow Area at Hoover Nature Preserve, however, yielded three species I have not photographed, the golden-crowned Kinglet;

Golden-crowned Kinglet, Ohio

Golden-crowned Kinglet, Ohio

The Bonaparte's Gull;
   Bonaparte's Gull, Ohio

And the Bufflehead.

Follow along, and let's see what else we can find in 2016.


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