Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Crooked River, Maine

Not only does Otisfield Maine have Little Pond, which is the place where I spend most of my photographic time in Maine, but the Crooked River also traverses the town.  At just about a mile down the road, it's a fairly short trip from our typical base of operations there.  This past July, I spent my last few hours wading in the river, which eventually empties into Sebago Lake.  This river even supports a population of the landlocked salmon.

After tromping around here for a few hours, including the undergrowth along the edges, I jumped in a car and headed to the airport.  Unfortunately, I brought home something with me- a deer tick, which I found engorged into my right flank two days later.  A round of antibiotics was in order, just in case, to ward off Lyme.

This morning, Brody (3 years old) told his mom that he wanted things to go back to "normal days" where we could just go to the beach or Maine or anywhere else fun.  Don't we all, young Brody. Looking back in time through photographs is about as close as we can get.


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