Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let's Reset

This is the kind of stuff we do on a cold winter evening!
When I started writing here, I was dating Megan.  We've now been married for 7.5 years.  Brody, our youngest, just turned 3 and Weston will be 5 on Sunday.  I had my 35 birthday on February 16.  How's that for numbers?

As I wrote about here, in 2010, I accepted a position with our state's wildlife agency after seven years with the Ohio Natural Heritage Program.  Although this move was not a move that I chose to make, I set out to make the best of it. Ultimately, my body could not hold up to repeated 2 a.m. wake-up calls and in February 2013, I accepted a position with Ohio's State Nature Preserves.  Remember all the Delaware County posts? I'm now back in the central office surrounded by late 1960's era apartments which have turned into quite the melting pot of Columbus.  

The bottom line is that I am quite happy to be with Ohio's State Nature Preserve System.  I manage its Facebook Page.  I've taken my blogging expertise and poured it all into growing that page.  Ultimately, it fulfills my need to share writings and photographs of nature in the great State of Ohio as well or perhaps better than this blog once did.  

After honing my photography skills, I have finally got my online galleries up and running- I'm quite proud of this body of work. In addition, I have developed a Facebook page that features my photography- please visit and like if you want to see more. 

I'm not slamming the door shut here.  But I want to at least put something here, and let you know where you can see my more recent work.  Thank you for reading.



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  2. I wondered what had happened to you and The Ohio Nature Blog. Well, actually, I didn't wonder; I figured that you had gotten so busy with two young sons that you just couldn't continue to "do it all." Thanks for the update. I didn't realize that you were maintaining the nature preserves' Facebook page, but I've been impressed with the frequency and quality of the postings there. (I've "liked" the site and get your regular updates, but I have to admit that I don't log on to Facebook very often any more.)

  3. Thanks Scott- I always wonder how useful Facebook posts really are. We're using it as a tool to help build our constituency- our Division was literally put through a ringer a few years back. Everybody was hit during the great recession. We have a new website as well that I've been working hard on-