Sunday, May 26, 2013

Brody is my Bug Kid

Look what we found yesterday- all by rock flipping and looking closely at our natural garden areas, right here in Worthington Ohio, within the Metro-Columbus area outerbelt.

He has no problem holding things.  Not at all.



  1. Ooh, great finds and fabulous shots! I LOVE how intrepid kids can be, given the proper encouragement & support. Some of my best fieldwork assistants have been under 5 feet tall.

  2. It's interesting how my boys differ in their attitudes toward dirt and bugs. Weston just doesn't like to get his hands dirty. Brody, on the other hand, sees dirt and jumps right in.

  3. Those are marvelous photos tom. Good thing that your kids loves to explore things especially nature at a young age, they just proper guidance for more learning. By the way, those red thingy creatures freak me out. lol. I thought twas' red ants but its bugs. >.<
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