Saturday, December 11, 2010

21 Months and Counting

Weston at 21+ Months plus little creative Photoshop work.
It's hard not to say that Weston looks like me- we both share a dark complexion and brown eyes, while Megan's eyes are hazel and her skin quite fair.  But when I look at this picture of Weston that I took last weekend- I can't stopped being reminded of Megan. Weston's mouth, his nose, it's all hers.  It's hard to believe that in about two and a half months, we'll be welcoming another human being into the world.



  1. Tom: My; what a serious look. He looks very much older then his age.

  2. he's gorgeous. they grow so quickly, don't they? congrats on the newest member arriving soon. have a great day.

  3. Hi Tom.. He is a handsome little matter which of you he looks like...those beautiful brown eyes...he is going to be a lady killer..; }
    congrats on the soon to be little Arbour!!

  4. He is a cutie and congrats on the new one to be!

  5. Thank you Everyone- He is growing amazingly fast, I can't believe he is starting to learn words........

  6. Tom its been that long, he is one beautiful boy, and congratulations on the next baby to come.

    Hope all is well, wishing you happy holiday season filled with love and peace, and the beautiful bundles of joy.

    Anna :)

    PS I been hearing that first boy usually looks like mother, and first girl like father. Probably 95% at the time ... I have seen the opposites.