Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blue Fronted Dancer

Blue Fronted Dancer, originally uploaded by Tom Arbour.

This morning, I went on a field trip to the Big Darby Creek as a part of the Great Lakes Odonata Society meeting that's being held here in Columbus. This blue dancer caught my eye as it was chomping down on some prey which by the time I snapped this image, was unidentifiable. After the morning trip, I headed across town to meet Megan at our friends' baby shower. I arrived muddy and scraped, but a quick wash up with the garden hose took care of things.



  1. ...dragonflies are insectivorous. Very beautiful picture!

  2. Claudia- Well, I do know that it was an insect that it was eating- I could get at least that much, but I would have liked to have known what the species or at least order of insect was being consumed.

    Thanks Kerri!

    Thanks Dan!