Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Few of my Favorites

I'm taking a three day hiatus from the blogosphere- I encourage you to explore The Ohio Nature Blog. I have written over 700 posts, and here are some posts of note.

My Very First Blog Post from January 20th, 2006 where I discuss my aspirations of being a political blogger (it lasted one post) and mentioning my wonderful girlfriend Megan. It wasn't very good. Let's just say I think I met my main objective of starting this blog- to improve my writing.

Prepping to go to Maine to get Married Yep- that's right Megan and I were married in an white-clapboard wooden church in small town Maine, and had our reception overlooking Little Pond. Some proof to me I was single. Megan and I have a fantastic relationship. My brain finds it hard to remember what my life was like before we met.

Regarding One's Home, the story of my home, and one of my favorite bits of writing that I've done here.

Every once in a while I paint or draw Before I purchased a digital SLR camera, I also dabbled with watercolors throughout the winter. I should do this once again, I miss it.

The Birth of our Son Weston Images from his first day breathing air, exactly seven months ago tomorrow.


My Best Photographs of 2008

If that last past didn't satisfy your need for natural eye candy, be sure to take a look at the long key word listing below and to the right on the blog's side bar.

Have a fantastic weekend.



  1. That's amazing - I guess I've been reading you since the beginning, and hadn't realized it.

    I like the new design!