Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Old Bur Oak

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I'm sitting down here in the man cave, listening to Megan laugh out loud upstairs in the family room. I think she's reading the latest from Janet Evanovich-I know she has been on the waiting list for months at the library.

I'm scrolling though some old photos- I'm thinking of purchasing a new lens for the camera, and I'm strongly considering the super-wide offering from Canon for crop sensor bodies, the 10-22 mm. This lens gets really wide- almost too wide. I rented it last fall and I've been going through those pictures to see how I did with it.

And here's a shot I took and wanted to share with you, but I don't believe it ever made it here. In this image you can see just how freaking huge our backyard Bur Oak really is. See those gigantic, gnarled branches up in the air? They themselves are the size of most tree trunks in our neighborhood. It is a really massive tree, and we're lucky to have it.

We had a great day this morning, as Megan ran in her first 5K, and I walked it with Weston in the jogging stroller- quite fun. I didn't even take any digital photos, just film, with the old early 1970's era Pentax SP500- we'll see how those come out. If you still have an old film camera lying around, run a roll through it now and then, you'll have a blast.

Tomorrow I'll share our images from Clear Creek Metropark.


P.S. Megan has just informed me she finished the book.

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