Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This past weekend Megan and I went to Blendon Woods Metropark on the northeast side of Columbus for a quick look at waterfowl. I think these birds are really interesting, and it is fascinating that plenty birds travel through Ohio each fall and spring and can be readily seen on the larger water bodies across central Ohio.

At Blendon woods, Megan and I noted this group of gadwall, which was a new bird for me.


We also saw, to my novice eye, what looks like a pied-billed grebe. This individual was floating solo on Thoreau Lake.


Columbus has quite a few spots that are known for rafts of migrating waterfowl. If you live in the area, Blendon woods is fantastic since the birds are usually quite close to the observation area and the park has two of those gigantic metal encased spotting scopes for all to use. Hoover reservoir is another hotspot, just up the way from Blendon. To know where to go when, visit the Ohio Birds Listserve for daily bird reports from across Ohio.

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