Monday, April 30, 2007

Ohio Buckeye

The Ohio Buckeye, the namesake tree of our state, is one of the first species to leaf out and bloom here in central Ohio. This evening, this particular buckeye tree caught my eye. It has completely leafed out! Take a look at this northeast Ohioans. I was up in Ashtabula county last Thursday and trees there were barely in bud. Anyways, I have really taken a liking to this species. It seems to love floodplains and grows right above the Olentangy river along the stream terraces in the City of Columbus. No wonder this great state got its nickname from this tree. They had to have been all over Columbus when there was still some primeval forest around and I bet they really got noticed because they leaf out very early, and they are especially showy with there multiple clusters of white flowers which are entering peak bloom. Go Buckeyes!

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