Sunday, March 11, 2007

Waterfowl Migration at Blendon Woods

Today would be an excellent day to go to Thoreau Lake at Blendon Woods Metro Park right here in Columbus Ohio. Megan and I stopped by after church this morning, and we were treated to quite a display of waterfowl. As the ice melts, ducks travel northward. Today, we saw hundreds of ducks and geese, represented by 9 species.

Black duck: these are common at Blendon throughout the winter
Mallard: also winter at here
Wood duck: At least 6 drakes, several females
Lesser scaup: 10, mostly males but a few females
Ring-necked duck- ~20
Redhead- 1 male
Horned grebe- 2
American widgeon- 1 male

Canada Geese- >20


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