Friday, January 19, 2007

More New York

Megan and I will be jetting back to New York on Sunday, after the oak openings research symposium and keynote event, held today and tomorrow in Toledo. Here are a few more New York pictures from our venture this past weekend:
This first shot is through a rough granite arch looking south west towards the Central Park west neighborhood.

Next, a view across the baseball fields at Central Park north meadow. This shot captures the stunning profile of this tree. I do not know what species this was. Today, I was examining the shapes and patterns around me. Megan looked at it, and said, "I could draw that tree". I'm assuming she asserted herself because of the tree's wavy, out of control branches.

Apartments along Riverside Drive, facing the Hudson River. The shapes and patterns in Manhattan on this day, in the diffuse foggy light, were inspiring.

Finally, the wall that holds up riverside drive, keeping it from crumbling down and into Riverside Park, a true gem of New York City.


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