Sunday, August 27, 2006


Soon, I'll be heading to Maine to get married. My brother and I, Tim, got to spend the weekend together. It was great. It will probably be the last time that we get to spend a whole weekend by ourselves.

I've got to do a few exciting things the last week as far as field goes.

First, I have become addicted to smallmouth bass fishing. After purchasing my license through the ODNR's online system, I hit the Olentangy River just a few hundred feet west of my house. I popped on a rubber crayfish on my newly purchase spincast outfit, plucked that baby in the water, and after a little bit, I snatched this beautiful, but admittedly small fish from a shaded, boulder filled pool. My first smallmouth bass.

What else? Megan, who is Maine preparing for our even that we "seal the deal" for us, a.k.a our wedding, sent me a few shots of her parent's backyard. This place is palatial. Our wedding is going to be sweet.

Here is there house, in which we will set up the large "Christian" tent that we are getting for the reception:

Here is the view from the deck and backyard...The body of water is called "little pond" Um, looks like a like to this Ohioan.

So that, is about it. Are you coming to our wedding? It is going to be great.


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