Friday, July 28, 2006

Past Pics

Hi All,

My grandmother passed away last night. She was an incredible lady. Viola Thomas was her name. Check out her obit at

Going though pictures last night, I thought today would be a great day to post some pics from some of my past adventures. Here they are.

First, and ice dam, which reminds me of the arctic scenes from the Super Man movies with the former man of steel Christopher Reeve.

While on one of the very first Ohio Natural Heritage Naturalists field trips to the Oak Openings, Greg Lipps, Jim Davidson and I stumbled across this beautiful female eastern box turtle just feet from wire grass ditch. This ditch, which runs through portions of Kitty Todd Preserve, helps drains much of the wet prairie in the area. This was truly a magnificent find in 2004. I just didn't think these guys live up in northwest Ohio. If you ever have the chance to go herping with Greg do it...He is one of the best advocates for Ohio's herps and he is just a darn right nice guy.

A luna moth at Conneaut Creek Wildlife area, in 2003. I found this guy with DNAP manager Greg Schneider and Melissa Campbell. We were investigating whether a small patch of hemlocks warranted dedication as a state nature preserve. Towards of the end of the day, we found this guy on a small tree. The lime green color is striking.

Finally, swamp rose mallow from the beach at Sheldon's Marsh State Nature Preserve. If you haven't been there yet, go. Between Huron and Sandusky, this is Ohio's last remaing natural beach and marsh system. You'll be amazed that you are in ohio.

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