Friday, January 20, 2006

Udipi Cafe

Today for lunch, I took Bob Gable, a staunch meat eater, to the Udipi Indian "Pure Vegetarian" Buffet. Bob is a good guy. He grew up in West Jefferson, a small town in the center of the State's richest farmland and ironically, aquatic biodiversity. I applaud him for "breaking out of the mold" and trying something new. Way to go Bob. It only took about an hour, two people, and the promise of a free lunch to get him there.

I had a blast watching him as he cautiously checked out the place. From the interesting smells, hoardes of Indian men with their coiffed hair and bushy mustaches, to the women in sari's trimmed with gold, he took a deep breath, and took it all in all. The result? He liked some of the selections...especially the spicy ones, but alas, like many an American, the sweet sauces, coupled with some of the really nasty sour things including a lemony flavored mango colored spicy sauce especially, didn't go over to well!

A new learning experience for all. Break out of your shell someday. You might like what you've discovered about yourself and open your eyes to an exciting taste, sight, or smell!

You can start at the Udipi cafe on 161 just about 1 mi East of 71, right here in wonderful Columbus Ohio.


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